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Our Mission

Our philosophy at Alexandria Pilates is rooted deeply in the traditional teachings of Joseph Pilates. We work with clients ranging in age from 15 yrs. to 90 yrs. Our goal is to improve the wellbeing of anyone who walks in our door whether they are looking for a great workout, trying to rehabilitate an injury or simply wanting to relieve the aches and pains that come with everyday life.


Pilates improves muscle tone and balances musculature by training the body as an integrated whole. The Pilates method seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core. Joseph Pilates originally developed his method as mat exercises (his 1945 Return to Life teaches 34 of these) but also used several pieces of equipment. Each piece has its own repertoire of exercises using springs to provide additional resistance. The most widely used piece of apparatus is the Reformer. Most traditional Pilates studios also include the Cadillac (also called the Trapeze Table), the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barrel and the Spine Corrector (Step Barrel). Other equipment often seen in a studio include the Magic Circle, Guillotine Tower, the Pedi-Pole, and the Foot Corrector.